WDW Cleaning Services

Cleaning Residential Homes, Offices, Restaurants/Bars

Advanced Employment’s crew can give you that helping hand you need to make your life easier. Whether you are a business or a homeowner, AE can provide affordable, high quality services that meet your needs.

We Do Windows

In 2004 Advanced Employment starting working with a young man who wanted to work in a restaurant washing dishes or cleaning. The young man (Tony) and job Developer went all over Madison and every place they went into Tony kept saying “I could do your windows”, “these windows need to be cleaned”. Over time Tony and the Job Developer established several Window cleaning contracts and We Do Windows was born.

The first two years of the business was solely Commercial Window contracts. We were up to 18 sites at one point with 6 window cleaners in different crews. Tony never wanted to own the business. He was happy to help organize the schedule of cleaning and train new cleaners. Eventually we began getting calls for cleaning more in the businesses and doing additional cleaning in the offices and stores.

Today, We Do Windows supplies cleaners for restaurants, offices, residential homes. There are 6 cleaners working for We Do Windows in several places around the county. NO job is too small or too short. Advanced Employment supports several individuals waiting to supplement their current income and become cleaners for We Do Windows as soon as more contracts can be secured. SO bring em on!

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