Curt’s Closet

Curt, Owner and Founder of Curt’s Closet, is also the creative power behind all of Curt’s Closet’s designs. Though he isn’t able to do the drawings himself, due to physical limitations, Curt describes his ideas well and works with an artist to create his hilarious and colorful designs. Much of Curt’s inspiration stems from his interests which include many outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.

Curt sells his designs printed on T-shirts ranging in different sizes and colors for each design. He also offers magnets to decorate all your metal objects with witty quips, as well as post cards and greeting cards to brighten the day of someone you may be thinking of.

To sell his wares, Curt attends a variety of self-advocacy conventions and fundraisers across Wisconsin to fund his care needs. Take a look at some of Curt’s designs below and if you’re interested in purchasing a card, magnet or teeshirt, send us an email from our Contact page!