Personal Shopping

In 2008 during one of our provider meetings, it was brought to our attention that people might need help getting their weekly shopping done. To fill this need Advanced Employment supported clients are given opportunities to shop grocery orders. Often, clients that we support need jobs that they can easily walk to and are time flexible. This is why our shopping service is an excellent fit for them as we are conveniently located near a large grocery store and the nature of shopping allows for much more flexible working hours.

There are several ways that we organize the shopping:

  1. AE will pay for all groceries requested and then bill individuals and/or households for those groceries and the time spent by our clients.
  2. AE will pick up payment for grocery items via check or Grocery Gift Card prior to grocery purchase and then bill for time only.
  3. Bills and groceries can be divided among roommates and billed separately

There are many different ways to do so, but our overarching goal is to make grocery shopping easy for you. E-mail or fax us your list and groceries can be delivered to your door. To discuss personal shopping, contact Brenda at 608-833-7170