AE’s Fun Run, Walk and Roll

Advanced Employment’s annual Run, Walk and Roll event began in 2018 as a fun way to promote active lifestyles among our clients, staff and all members of the community that we operate within. This event also serves to introduce the community to the wonderful people that we work with, and allow members of the community to meet and interact with our clients and staff! The event takes place at Warner Park on the east side of Madison, next to the Mallards Stadium! Course options include a 5k option, as well as a two shorter one mile and 3k wheel accessible options. Our first ever Run/Walk/Roll event had 98 participants, we are hoping grow every year!

If you are looking for a fun way to stay active, consider signing up for Advanced Employment’s Annual Run, Walk and Roll! Not only will you have fun interacting with members of Advanced Employment, but you will be supporting our clients’ vocational development as well as helping us find new opportunities for them to be a part of the local community!

To register for this years event, go to the signup page for Advanced Employment’s Annual Run, Walk and Roll event.