What We Do

As a Job Coach at Advanced Employment you will be trained in several different areas of work and provide individualized support to clients at their place of work. Job coaches work with their clients building their independence by teaching vocational, social and decision making skills. Our final goal is for our clients to be completely independent at work, and to achieve this we will fade our support in and out based on client performance until we are no longer needed.

Our Values

At Advanced Employment we choose to:

  • Have a positive attitude every day
  • Be there in the moment
  • Play and enjoy the day
  • Make our client’s day

Our philosophy centers around a positive experience for both coaches and clients. We expect our coaches to be attentive to clients’ needs and to approach their work with a positive attitude. We believe that this cultivates an enjoyable work environment for our employees in which they can have fun with our clients while providing exceptional support.


We do not require much to apply as a Job coach. Our coaches are trained individually with the clients they work with to offer excellent individualized service. We do prefer candidates that meet the following requirements:

  • 18 years or older
  • A valid drivers license and reliable mode of transportation.
  • Access to a mobile phone (We refund portions of phone bills)