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Job Development & Placement

Advanced Employment approaches job development as selling the individual and matching each person to the employer and position. AE Staff work on an incentive and are paid as jobs are found and kept by individuals over time. AE staff work with employers to educate their workers on the benefits of Supported Employment and Natural Supports. Also, to look for efficiencies and time consuming parts of a job that can be done by individuals with that skill set so that other workers can be more productive and have more capacity. The AE staff doing Job Development are dedicated. They are sensitive and knowledgeable about the current economic times and the capacity and needs of employers today. They also are out there looking 100% of the time for jobs that will fit the individuals they are supporting and working towards full employment for all. For more information contact jobdev@advemp.org.

Personal Shopping Service


In 2008 an idea sprung out of a Provider meeting that people need help getting their weekly shopping done. Advanced Employment supported individuals that needed a job where they could walk and not have to clock in at any certain time with a little more flexible timing required.

There are several ways to organize the shopping:

  • AE pays for all groceries and then bills groceries & time to the individual and/or household
  • AE picking up a check or Grocery Gift Card with the list and then billing for time only
  • Bills and groceries can be divided among roommates and billed separately

There are a lot of different ways but basically it is meant to be easy for you. E-mail or fax us your list and groceries can be delivered to your door. To discuss personal shopping contact Brenda at 608-833-7170

WDW Cleaning Services—Cleaning Residential Homes, Offices, Restaurants/Bars

Employment Assessment

Staff at Advanced Employment are trained at assessing the skill levels of individuals and working on developing and increasing skills to match job expectations and employer’s with the individual.

Job Coaching & Training

Advanced Employment employs over 70 Job Trainers and Employment Coordinators.These employees are trained in several different areas of work and assist individuals on the job over time.The goal is to work their way out of a job by assisting the individual to become as independent as possible and to fade the supports as much as can be done. This is very individualized to each person and employer and is negotiable.


Self Employment Opportunities (Coming soon)

Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

Work with great staff & amazing clients!
Every individual should be able to partake in the community. Integration in the community leads to positive changes in self-esteem. This self-confidence is seen in the workplace and in other aspects of participant’s lives.  For more information contact: Chris Witt